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Stories from Egypt!


The last summer was a very special summer, because my parents, my sister and I flew to Egypt.

It was very great time : we swam in the pool, visited the pyramids and the temple of a lot of Pharaohs. It was such a great summer!

After one week, when the holiday was over, we drove to the airport. Finally our airplane arrived. We boarded the plane. Then we flew two hours but suddenly something strange happened. We crashed into another airplane near the sea! After that we fell down. It was very dangerous and I thought we were all going to die. We landed in the red sea. The pilot was in trouble. I saw out of the window and saw, that we were swimming in a rubber bubble.

All the people who were in the airplane slid down an emergency chute and were swimming in the sea. There came a boat from the coast.

,,We are alive´´, I thought happily.

The boat took us to the coast and we boarded a plane again. After six excited hours we were home.



And here is what I learnt:


See you in school!


by Elena Kummerer

Luca Fink English 2D

Hi Martin,

we are in Egypt and it is really cool there.
We did a lot of exciting things, for example: a cruise on the Nile with a very big ship.
On the first day we visited the pyramids on a camel. Did you know, to build one pyramid it took 20 years! In the evening we were at the best restaurant in town.
On the second day we were chilling on the beach. The water in the red sea was very salty and cold, but it is very clear.
On the third day we were on a trip to a museum. The mummy was scary and the story: “the curse of the pharaoh” makes me scared.
On the 4th, the 5th and the 6th day we had fun on the beach and visited the town and temple.
Now I am in our room and writing this E-Mail.
In the next week we are going to visit the zoo and other cool things. I knew a really pretty boy.
Good bye and see you soon.
Yours, Lisa

Als Download: A Letter_from_Egypt – by Luca Fink


Luca Fink Bildgeschichte

The story of the pharaoh

One day the pharaoh died and the people were
very unhappy.
They mummified the pharaoh and built a pyramid.
They put pharaoh in a coffin and carried the coffin
in the pyramid with treasure and clothes and
jewellery. Then they put a stone in front the entry.
3000 years later robbers come and wanted to
steal the wonderful things. In the tomb they found
clothes, treasure and jewellery. Suddenly the
mummy woke up.
The robbers felt very scared and ran away.
They never came back to the pyramid.

Download: The Story of the Pharaoh – by Luca Fink