Alien Stories by 2CD

Weather on earth


Hello Planet xvz 5020 pg (PamGono),

The weather is some days sunny and some days not. People on screens say that the next days  will be very good. But my chiptogram (an electronic thing) says there will be many thunderstorms. So you can’t land with the spaceship. I will write you a postcard when the weather is better.

I look like a normal person but I haven’t got a navel.


That was TX 201,

          see you soon on earth.

by Reinhard Pollheimer






Alien weather by Luca Fink












 And now… the Summer Holidays!!!


„My Summer Holidays“ by Chiara Diana Hofer, 2C


Soon it will be the end of the school year.

In the summer holiday I will go to Italy once, one time to Tirol and one time to Hallein. One time I will go only with my sister and my parents, but my brother will stay at my grandparent’s home.


When I’m not on a trip, I will go waveboarding or play games or other things, because I have so much free time. Of course I will meet my friends, too, but I will need most of the time to relax.

In the summer holidays I will write songs with my best friend.