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Best of Homeschooling

Schülerinnen und Schüler der 4B erinnern sich im Rahmen des Englisch Unterrichts in Zeiten des Home Schooling an besondere Projekte mit Herz, welche an unserer Schule seit jeher einen besonderen Stellenwert haben. In ihren E-mails berichten sie über dieses besondere soziale Engagement, welches in Zeiten von COVID-19 nicht vergessen werden sollte.


Hello Joanne,

How are you? I`m fine. Sorry for not being in touch for so long and thanks a million for your email. You asked me about a project on our school, so let me tell you.

One of our school projects was named “Students help students”. It was a project developed by our school´s headmaster, in which higher grade students and university students could help younger students to study and do their homework. The senior students got a bit of money for that from school and they explained the exercises. If the younger students didn’t understand, the senior students would ask a teacher to explain things and to organize some worksheets. Up to now, around 500 students have taken part in the project and nearly everybody has had better grades then. I have also taken part in the project, and I have benefited a lot, but there was one minor negative aspect: The music room was next to our study room and when it was quiet, we were able to hear every single song and we couldn’t focus that well. We have told the headmaster and luckily he promised that he would be looking for another room for us.

To sum up, it was a great project in which students got help without paying for tuition and it was a good chance for experienced students to earn some money.

Best wishes,



Dear Joanne,

Thanks for your Email. I’m fine, what about you? Of course I’m trying to help you so let me give you a few impressions. Here they are.

In my school, there’s a project called Charity Art Project. Three teachers had the idea seven years ago, I think. Volunteers meet at some Fridays and do art things. At the school festival, we sell the things and the money goes to schools in Pakistan, where freed child slaves get taught. There even are a few sponsors, who give us money to send to these children, too.

I’ve been taking part in that project since I’ve been a student at the BG Seekirchen, that means for four years. I want to support projects like that and I like doing it, even though it’s a Friday afternoon. This year, there are much more people than they used to be the years before and I think half of the people are from first class. I’m glad that the Charity Art Project has become more successful, because that means there are more people who want to help and that has become rare nowadays.

I really hope I could help you with my answer. Let me hear something from you soon.

Best wishes,



Dear Joanne,

How are you and your family? Hope your brother’s birthday was great. I’ve been asking around and now I have the information you need.

The project I would like to tell you about is called “Collection campaign – we help”, and it was initiated by the Austrian Red Cross. The project is about organising a Christmas party for the homeless and for socially disadvantaged people. Our school supported the project by collecting things for packaging, like, for example, wrapping paper, gift mesh, Christmas cards and tape. Additionally, we were collecting food like salami, cheese, instant coffee, tea, sweets and cookies, and personal-care products such as soap, shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrushes. That project was successful because in recent years over 400 people came, including an increasing number of women and children. I wasn’t involved in the project myself, but I’ve already participated in similar ones. I see projects of this kind as a very positive initiative because you can help people who are not as lucky in life as we are.

Hope my answer does help. If I can help you in any other way, tell me. Tell your brother best wishes for his birthday on behalf of me.



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